Maryland Digital Newspaper Conference

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 |  Athenaeum, Room 448, Goucher College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Towson, MD 21204

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Digital Maryland Conference Resources

Digital Maryland AV: Making the Overwhelming Possible

September 25, 2015  |  University of Baltimore, Learning Commons Town Hall, 1415 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201


Title: Physical Preservation Best Practices

Presenter: Siobhan Hagan


Title: AV Preservation Priorities and Storage

Presenter: Siobhan Hagan


Title: Tales From The Archives: A/V Materials and How to Find the Best Vendor for You!

Presenters: Leslie Van Veen McRoberts


Title: Funding A/V Digitization Projects

Presenters: Emily Rafferty


CONTENTdm Users Group Conference

May 27-28, 2015  |  Goucher College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21204


Title: Building Order: using free tools and templates to streamline content management workflow

Presenter: Jennifer K. Galas

Abstract: A library-wide project to digitize and describe historical newspaper clippings provided an opportunity to test CONTENTdm as a flexible system for storing, displaying, and ultimately updating the University of Scranton?s university history content. This presentation outlines the development of a small-scale CMS application that bridges the gap between content discovery in our physical and digital collections and content creation on CONTENTdm pages. The sample project can be adapted for any CONTENTdm collection or other content management undertaking that involves ongoing research and coordination among departments. Tools and techniques will be described, along with limitations of the current implementation and suggestions for improvements. The audience will learn how a workflow can be streamlined using modern web development tools that at first glance may seem incompatible with CONTENTdm.


Title: Civil Rights Greensboro and the Women Veterans Historical Project: migrating existing digital collections into CONTENTdm

Presenter: David Gwynn, Anna Craft, and Beth Ann Koelsch

Abstract: This session will present a project at UNCG to migrate two of their most visible digital collections from an internally developed content management system into CONTENTd. The process used was a collaborative effort that involved four groups within the library and included a large-scale reassessment of the structure and descriptive metadata of both collections. This presentation will report on the steps taken to complete the migrations, successes and challenges, and lessons learned.


Title: CONTENTdm at DePauw: customization, projects, and tips

Presenter: Sudha Anand

Abstract: This session will cover how DuPauw has customized their CONTENTdm homepage; added audio to existing collections; used CONTENTdm and flickr for crowdsourcing; and performed data cleanup using Microsoft Access, CONTENTdm Project Client and the CONTENTdm verify tool. Also discussed will be user permission and project client issue tips.


Title: Creating CONTENTdm-fed Websites in Drupal 7 and Wordpress

Presenter: Ryan Miller, Cristina Perez and Mandy Rodriguez

Abstract: The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) used the CONTENTdm API to feed metadata content to outside partner websites and have rebuilt their main website to run on Drupal 7 and pull in metadata content through API calls. As a research institute, publications are the primary output from IFPRI, and the majority of their website content involves displaying, listing, and promoting their research publications. Their partners and projects also have need for IFPRI publication metadata. Their requirements for the website included quite a bit of display functionality unavailable in CONTENTdm, the ability to integrate content outside the repository, like events and blogs, and the need to group content around a changing mix of projects and major initiatives of IFPRI. We found the API totally up to the task of pulling in content, our challenges lay in working with the metadata and in the workflow development to make the system function.

For this presentation, they will discuss how they used the API, the functions used, the technical process for integrating with and created Drupal nodes, and some of our management processes for developing this integration. They will also discuss how they resolved issues of vocabulary  using OpenRefine.


Title: A Framework to Monetize CONTENTdm Collections

Presenter: Zahid Rafique

Abstract: University libraries and archives receive a budget from their institution, but are often under pressure for more funding. Two of the traditional ways to raise additional funds have been from grants and donations. At USC, they are exploring a third way -- monetizing the digital collections. Their collections are available at, which is a hosted CONTENTdm site. They are working on a framework to allow end users to order prints and obtain usage rights directly from the website by partnering with some leading photo printing, delivery, and rights management companies. They are developing standards, procedures and the necessary tools to allow a pathway for metadata and content delivery from CONTENTdm to these partners, and ultimately, to end users. This framework is geared toward a seamless user experience that allows the transaction to be completed with a couple of clicks.


Title: "Give us the DM Funding"

Presenter: Jim Cunningham

Abstract: In the current economic climate library projects such as digitization are increasingly being seen as an unaffordable luxury. Existing ContentDM users increasingly have to make cases for expanding their product license or even maintaining their current one as budgets shrink. Advocates of traditional library services may also argue for trimming digital services in the interest of bolstering their services. Administrators who are well-versed and advocates of digital collections and related services leave and their successors may lack the interest or knowledge of digital collections and will require education and persuasion. This panel will share methods and ideas that have proven successful in protecting and expanding digital collections in general and ContentDM in particular.


Title: Integrating Academic Usage Metrics with CONTENTdm via Custom Scripts

Presenter: Indira Yerramareddy and Ryan Miller

Abstract: The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) built a series of customizations that integrate CONTENTdm with metrics of academic usage including Altmetrics, SSRN, Google Scholar citations and RePEc with the purpose of  creating added value for researchers. They integrated the Altmetrics badge, implemented through the use of the Altmetric API, that displays the Altmetric mentions score derived in most cases from the DOI of the work and made it visible using a custom script in CONTENTdm as a top include. In addition to Altmetrics, they built another system that displays views, downloads, and citations from services that were deemed important to their researchers. These services included: SSRN for downloads and view, Google Scholar for citations, Google books for abstract views, Mendeley for book marks, Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge for citation, and RePEc for citations, abstract views and downloads. We did this by creating two scripts and external SQL database and an outside server. This presentation will outline the steps taken, the metadata fields used from the repository, discuss the importance of machine friendly IDs, the use of an outside server and not the OCLC hosting environment, and the API tools available from the services we chose. 


Title: Let's Go on a Tour: site seeing great CONTENTdm sites

Presenter: Ron Gardner

Abstract: Have you planned your summer vacation yet? If not, here's a vacation and tour package just for you. You'll see many sites--libraries’ and orgnizations’ local and regional digital historical assets. And all this is done via your CONTENTdm digital special collections. Ron will share from his nearly 15 years with CONTENTdm how to explore and learn so much about the history of what libraries have done with their local history of digital assets. Best of all, you'll have so much fun that you'll want to share your own 'slides' after you get home. Have a party and invite your friends and colleagues to a ‘cookout‘ – and they too will love seeing ‘your own summer vacation slides.


Title: OCLC CONTENTdm Overview

Presenter: Geri Ingram


Title: Ushering New Ideas: managing ETDs at Towson University

Presenter: Adam Zukowski

Abstract: Towson University has developed an effective workflow for making their graduate and doctoral theses available through the library's resources. This session will provide an overview of how they established a small institutional repository for these resources by adding them to CONTENTdm. It will discuss how they prepare ETDs for import, manage embargos, and coordinate MARC records for inclusion in the OPAC, as well as highlight local metadata decisions for the collection. The session will also provide a use-case for adding PDF documents to CONTENTdm, and demonstrate a sample workflow for managing ETDs in an academic library.


Title: What's New - CONTENTdm Update

Presenter: Taylor Surface


Title: Working with Text and PDFs

Presenter: Geri Ingram


Title: "Where's the any key?": customizing CONTENTdm with a user-centered approach

Presenter: Rachel Trent

Abstract: Creating usable, engaging, and enjoyable digital collection interfaces goes a long way to helping users find the information they need, and have fun doing it. In the spring of 2014, the State Library of North Carolina set out on a mission to learn more about their digital collections users and design an interface that better matched users? needs. This presentation will review the concepts that guided our efforts, the practical steps taken to initiate a usability assessments program, the surprising lessons learned from users, and the technical methods used to implement interface customizations in a hosted CONTENTdm environment.




Title: Government Information @ Your Library

Presenter: Danielle Ford


Title: Link-Rot No More!

Presenter: Mary Jo Lazun & Deborah Judy


Title: Sharing Museum Exhibition Data With CONTENTdm

Presenter: Emily Rafferty


Title: Tour of the California Room's Digital Archive: Past, Present & Future

Presenter: Carol Acquaviva


Title: Yes, I will have some ETDs in my Institutional Repository

Presenter: Netta Cox