MDCH images 
Digital Maryland (previously Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage or MDCH), is a collaborative, statewide digitization program of the Maryland State Library Resource Center, Enoch Pratt Free Library. Its mission is to facilitate the digitization and digital exhibition of the historical and cultural documents, images, audio and video held by Maryland institutions.


Search Tips:

  • You can search across all digital collections from the homepage and main Collections page.
  • Advanced Search enables you to search within specific fields, combine terms, or search by a phrase or date.
  • If you select a specific collection, any search terms you enter will search only that collection. Other collections can be added using the checkboxes on the left side of the screen or clicking on Advanced Search.
  • Results are set to display in a grid. Above the Thumbnail column are options for changing your viewing preferences. You can also select the number of items to display and sort them by Title, Subject, or Description.
  • When viewing an individual item, the complete information will appear under the heading Object Description.
  • For items with multiple pages or images, click on the thumbnail on the right to view each image. Page level information, such as transcripts, will appear at the bottom of the screen under the heading Description.
  • Highlighted terms are linked and will automatically search across all Digital Maryland collections for that term. 
  • Additional search tips and techniques can be found by clicking on Help, which is found at the top right on the main Collections page or searching within collections.